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The Truth About Lab Grown Diamonds

lab-created-diamonds LogoNatural Diamond vs. Lab Created Diamond

Can you tell the difference between Natural Diamond vs. Lab Created Diamond? If you can you are better than any diamond cutter who has years of experience. The truth of the matter is there is no significant difference. It all boils down to one of two things. Do you want the sentimentality of having a diamond mined out of the ground at great expense, or are do you desire to save our natural resources and purchase a lab created diamond that had been grown from a diamond seed.

Natural Diamond Lab Created Diamond
Natural Diamond Lab Created Diamond
A natural Diamond is a diamond that has been mined out of the Earth. It has taken millions of years to create this precious stone. One drawback from mining diamonds is the possibility of blood diamonds which are diamonds that have been mined using child or slave labor. A lab created diamond is created in a laboratory under controlled conditions. It is grown from a diamond seed in a relatively short period of time. The reason for the huge cost saving is because there is a lower labor cost to produce this precious gem.

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